InstructorCriss Smith
TypeOnline Course
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PERPLEX Created By Criss Smith

A strong new colour change of two playing cards with a different version of the move which helps to invisibly switch any card for another.

Criss Smith also teaches a flourishy force of a single playing card. packed with four stunning magical routines leaving your audience in disbelief as they see a different look on a transposition of two cards.

Have a signature show up on a different playing card right under their very eyes ! From the mind of criss smith comes a new take on card magic All you need is a deck of cards and your ready to go.

 John cary – “Beautiful application, the card punks will love this”

Daniel chard – “a really fun move that gets great reactions”

Perplex v.1
Performance & Explanation
Perplex V.2 Performance & Explanation
Bonus: Octopus Force  Performance and Explanation


Desirous: Performance & Explanation
Performance & Explanation

Will To Gleason: Performace & Explanation
Deliverance: Performance & Explanation

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