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Created By Francisco Mousinho

So what is Kings of Penna?
Kings of Penna is a simple sandwich routine with maximum impact. seems like nothing happens and yet the spectators choosen card is found  between two kings. under impossible conditions.


A spectator cuts 2 face up kings into the centre of a deck of cards, after they shuffled them if they like?.

Then the spectator selects a card and the deck is either spread onto table or fanned in the hands to show the two face up kings sitting next to each other.   

The deck, at finger tips is then closed and handed to the spectator or left on the table.

With no moves, controls, sleights or Jack diddly Squat what so ever.  The spectator or yourself can simply click your fingers and re spread the deck.

Seen in the middle of the deck, trapped facedown between the 2 face up kings is now one card..  yes you guessed it.  The card is slowly turned over to reveal it is indeed the thought of card…

This seems so fair its untrue..

Francisco created a very cheeky and doable method for all to learn.

Whats in this Vistech Streaming Tutorial?

  • Introduction
  • Kings of Penna- In The Hands (In Studio Performance)
  • Kings of Penna- In The Hand (Explanation)
  • Kings of Penna- On The Table (In Studio Performance)
  • Kings of Penna- On The Table (Explanation)
  • Thanks and Credits.

Who Is Francisco Mousino?

You may not of heard of Francisco Mousinho (yet) but Believe me when I say this you will!

Francisco is a Portuguess  magician and is not only one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but has the mind set and skills  of some of the top performers to date.

Francisco reached the FINALS of Portugals got talent and is a full time performer Globally. He also lectures to magic societies and is one great creator of all types of effects. and is respected by many top magicians world wide.

Francisco Mousinho will be releasing for the first time some awesome material. starting with this little Vistech Stream. and many more great things to come..  Keep an eye on him..  I am. And anything he brings out.. i’m going to learn..

The psychology and subtleties this guy adds to existing routines and new effects he creates is nothing more than Beautiful, it is those details Francisco adds that caught my eye.  I knew then I was witnessing the making of a new talent that is going to go far..

His teachings are very clear and smooth. and its those subtleties  that makes his routines powerful and sometimes cheeky as hell..

I can’t wait for you all to see what he creates and shares with you all, now tomorrow and way into the future.

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